Real Dimension Tours Services

Custom Virtual Tours

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for creating a custom virtual tour, however a premium virtual tour extends a warm welcome to any visitor, elavating your brand and visibility as a business. Custom virtual tours give users an inside look without leaving their homes. They can include high definition images, company logo and copy, dropdown menus, and even auto-rotation features. These customization options all work together to create an immersive experience for any viewer or virtual visitor. We work with businesses to understand their objectives and capture images that meet and exceed their specific goals.

Sample Virtual Tours Image

Google Business Profile And Street View

The most popular search engine in the world now provides a complete 360-degree photos and virtual tours your business. Using Google Street View technology, we can help you enhance your digital presence with a high-quality DSLR virtual tour that you can highlight on your Google listing. That’s why your business can benefit from a trusted professional to present your space with precision, quality and care.

360 Images

A virtual tour uses a panoramic image to replicate the experience of visiting your business or venue. You can embed these images on your website or send them as a link to potential clients or customers. This is our most basic service, yet it is the most popular and versatile digital asset a business can invest in to elevate its image.


These are the most common questions we have received in our messages and interactions with potential clients.

There are too many factors that are different on each project.  To provide a meaningful estimate on pricing for virtual tours, we will need to know what your project entails. The best way to hit the ground running with your project is to figure out project location(s), shot list, including lifestyle/people, copywriting, custom icons, hotspots, etc. 

Please complete our questionnaire so we can understand your needs better and discuss how we can proceed.

Our most flexible service comes at a flat rate price based on the number of photos and picture quality. Our basic tier is composed of 3 with basic quality image(7mb so still better than basic 360 cameras) cost $125. Our highest quality photos(HDR Bracketed 40mb+) is $125 base plus $15 x number of photos required. This is due to increased processing time/power required to optimize the images for web format. Please fill out our questionnaire for more specific details.

It is recommended to choose the appropriate time first and foremost. Based on your businesses image, a morning time shoot with no pedestrians can work, however for event spaces having people can better highlight your branding. That said, preparations may include removing items like temporary/seasonal signage, parked vehicles, maintenance equipment or anything else that could be a distraction from your property.

Yes of course, analytics is provided in our virtual tours given your businesses Google Analytics ID is provided.

Absolutely, these services are mobile friendly. 

We are committed to providing your photos quickly. In most cases you’ll receive your virtual tour within 1 week of the shoot for an average size virtual tour. There may be some instances that require additional services, which could extend the delivery slightly. For 360 photos for Google Business Profile can be expected 1-2 days from the shoot. 

Real Dimension Tours utilizes high-quality DSLR cameras and professional panoramic lenses for our custom virtual tours. We do not utilize consumer friendly cameras such as Ricoh Theta Z1 or Insta360 cameras. Although they are convenient and can cut processing time for our business, we trade off time convenience for high quality and customization.